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February 29, 2024

It's been a while (been a while) since I updated this site, but I'm back! Despite my extensive about of free time, I haven't had the spoons to work on this, but I've been making some moves forward with my health, so hopefully that means I'll be able to have more energy in the future to do things I enjoy.

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May 11, 2023

Today's additions to my website brought to you by: this tutorial for making a DIY RSS Reader, which I'm still... not quite sure I did properly, because the feed is blank, but I suppose I'll have to wait for some of my comics to update first and see if they show up then. But, yes, this put me in a coding mood, and now we're here.

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February 12, 2023

I'm certainly struggling to achieve what seems to be basic tasks today. I've tried to use CSS styles to both edit the color of the scroll-bar and background to no success. I'm planning to give HTML an attempt for the background color, but don't expect to spend much more time on coding today.

I think I need to find more "easy" things to add to this site, given that my goals for this site are either incredibly simple (a background, another webpage) or so complex they might be impossible (integrating the now-dead flash games). I'm struggling to think of anything, however, largely because coding hasn't been a prominent focus of mine the past few months.

For someone whose ultimate goals are to learn enough coding and hardware knowledge that I can decentralize my technology (a pi hole being the first thing that always seems to come to mind-- those damn mobile ads frustrate me to no end), I don't spend much time learning new skills that will get me there. It's something I need to work on.

Update 1: As you can see, it took some trial and error, but I finally succeeded in changing the background color of my site! I like a nice, subtle purple (Well, all the purples, really), so this softens the look a bit, which I quite like. I've also decided that I want to find a way to stretch the header to fit the entire top of the page, but that might be a problem for another day. I've got a bit of a headache from staring at my computer all day.

Update 2: So, I'm a liar lmao I was scrolling through updated sites I follow and was reminded that I want to use metalvalley's editable book div for my library page (which might not be a page of all my writing ever, but a collection of the things I'm most proud of, including fanfiction from Ao3, poetry from my DreamWidth, and maybe even the short creative nonfiction piece I'm getting published this year).

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November 18, 2022

As part of verifying my new Mastodon account(s), I added a link to my account on the home page! I'm hoping that participating in some more decentralized, leftist spaces will encourage me to do more work on this website and in other facets of my life.

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November 11, 2022

A thread on the Fandom Coders Discord Server I joined earlier this month inspired me, and I think I'd like to try to integrate an RSS feed into my website. There are a few comics I adore that update via RSS feed and it's an excellent way for me to feed my Dreamwidth updates here as well, since I occasionally post poetry (or, in the case of my current saved draft, a Dear Critter letter for Critmas this year).

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November 1, 2022

After some careful consideration (read: shower thoughts), I decided that my initial coding diary would have been more aptly named coding notes, and have decided to retire that page layout. The information is, of course, all readily available from Codecadamy, though I now know that other resources like w3schools and freecodecamp are more comprehensive educators.
I have instead decided to turn this page into something more resembling a diary-- a conglomeration of notes, ideas, and changes made to my website. Thing of it as a changelog and a to-do list had a baby, except I get to ramble like this when the whimsy strikes.

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April 30, 2022

While this portion of my "diary" is being written after the fact, I believe I can confidently say that a significant part of my motivation in creating my own website was to both hone my coding skills (woefully basic as they are) and do my part in decentralizing the interent, something that has become more and more important the more billionaires and corporations exert their control over the digital world (I'm looking at you, Muskrat).
As someone who is at the very least trying to be punk in both their words and actions, stepping away from "social media" as much as I can is a relatively simple thing for me to do, especially given my varying hobbies in different technological spheres. For an introvert like me who despises posting pictures of my life online, it's far simpler to type a few lines of code (then run into an error, correct it, find another error, curse at the computer, correct it, etc, etc) than it is to make the right post for family, friends, and even strangers to gawk at and critique. Add in the constant watchful eye of companies like Google and Facebook, and it's no wonder we always feel like we're being watched.
So, yes, making a website is a small act of rebellion. An incredibly small one, for sure, but every little thing adds up over time. Using Firefox, installing ad-blockers, learning to code, making your own website instead of using corporate-owned social media, they're all small ways to fight back against the world we live in.
That is why I code. That is why I made this website. And I hope you agree.

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