About Me!

As I said before, my name is Jenn! I'm twenty-one years old and, while I was a little late for what is now known as Web 1.0, I do remember it from elementary school, and it's those fond memories that have inspired me to design my website like this (that, and the complete and utter boredom of being homebound).

The short version: I'm queer, disabled, and neurodivergent. I use she/xe(y)/ze pronouns. My disabilities have left me homebound for the time being and I've decided to put my newfound free time to work by learning how to code and make websites.

My Pronouns & How To Use Them
Subject Object Poss. Adj. Poss. Pro. Reflex.
she her her hers herself
xe xir xir xirs xirself
xe(y) xem xyr xyrs xemself
ze zir zir zirs zirself
ze hir hir hirs hirself


Inn March of 2020, I caught COVID for the first time, and it triggered a myriad of yet-to-be-diagnosed disabilities that I still have yet to cope with. In the four years since, I have managed to get diagnosed with fibromyalgia (fibro), a medical condition defined by the presence of chronic widespread pain, and have receieved a preliminary diagnosis for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), but they're certainly not the only thing that I'm struggling with. I also highly suspect myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), given that fatigue has become more and more of an issue for me the more I try to "push" myself to improve. I work despite my best interest, because money and capitalism, and it's definitely not helping matters, but I don't have much of a choice.

I'm not usually the type of person who sits and lists my personal details on the internet for anyone out there to read, but the fact of the matter is that my health has impacted my life in such an impossible-to-ignore way that there's no dancing around it. It's one of the things that I talk about the most, it's one of the things that's most present in my life, and my current journey with seeking diagnosis and treatment is something I'm going to wind up talking about on my social media.